Tyranny of Dragons

Recon the Enemy Camp

Governor Nighthill comes to talk to us and wants to hire us, for 250 gp each, to find information about the raiders that attacked Greenest. Nighthill specifically asks for us to find:

  • Where is the raider’s camp?
  • How many raiders are there?
  • Why are they attacking?
  • Where and when is their next attack?

We accepted the mission from the Governor and as we heading out the keep gate Nesim Waladra stops us. Nesim is injured and tells us about Leosin Erlanthar. They had gone out to collect information on the raiders. Leosin was captured and presumed dead. Nesim shows us Leosin’s broken staff and choker. The choker is braided leather with a silver dragon totem on it. The choker looks like it had been ripped off. Portia keeps the choker as Leosin was important to her past.

We head Southeast for the marauders and following a clear path of tracks. It looks like there are humans, kobalds, and 4 legged reptiles. Many of the tracks look heavy with loot. We continue to track the marauders for about half a day as the terrain begins to change from grassland to rocky plateaus. Ahead we notice smoke and caves. As we stealthily approach the fire we find 4 cultists sitting around a cooking fire and 8 kobalds sitting a little ways away. This group looks like some stragglers that have stopped for dinner and a perfect opportunity to gather some information. We use our stealth to appraoch unseen and prepare an ambush. Portia drops a Shatter spell around the cultists that drops 1 and hurts 2 more. Darrak uses his Step of the Wind to dash into battle with the wounded cultists. Alea and Wolf take out the uninjured cultist with some arrows while Darrak incapacitates the injured cultists. Tolke goes after the kobalds with some ranged backup from Alea and Wolf killing several of them as the remaining run away. As we start to interrogate the cultists the remaining kobalds try to sneak up on us, but Wolf and Darrak were prepared and killed them easily. The information we gleaned:

  • The main camp is about 9 miles farther South
  • They are gathering the hoard for the Great Dragon Queen
  • The leader is Frulam, wearer of purple
  • There are a lot of troops gathered
  • There is a rear guard that is about 1 mile before reaching the main camp where the path passes between rocky bluffs
  • These raiders don’t know about Leosin

This provides some of the information that the Governor asked for, but we need to continue on to find out more. And Portia doesn’t want to head back until we find out what has happened to Leosin. So, we continue forward looking for the potential ambush spot.


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