Tyranny of Dragons

Ambush on the Road

We followed the trail provided by the cultist we took down at the camp. As we continued Southeast we noticed the road travels between a couple of cliffs. This must be the spot the cultist mentioned as the location of the camp’s rear guard. Portia sends out her familiar to track ahead as Wolf and Portia see some movement ahead. At this point we decide to split up to take out the cultists on each side of the road. Portia and Tolke take the left side of the cliffs and Wolf, Alea, and Darrak take the right.

We tried to coordinate our assault on the cultists on both sides of the cliffs. Portia and Tolke start off the attack with Tolke throwing a javelin and Portia fires a spell into the group of cultists and drops one of them.

Alea sees Portia’s spell go off and fires 2 arrows at the cultists on her side of the cliffs taking him down. Darrak jumps into the battle knocking out another one. The last 2 cultists tries to flee and Alea and Wolf fire arrows at them but are unable to bring him down. Darrak uses Step of the Wind to catch the fleeing cultists, dropping one and hurting the other. Wolf backs Darrak up and takes down the remaining cultist before he can get away.

At this point Portia and Tolke start to get swarmed by the cultists on their slide of the cliff. Portia blasts one as he comes running at her, while Tolke slashes one in half with Divine Smite. Portia’s familiar, Gareth saves her with his stinging attack. While Tolke continues to Smite another cultist. Alea sees the trouble that Portia and Tolke are getting into and fires an arrow from across the bluff and takes out the last magic user.

With the ambush foiled we start to interrogate the cultists to find out more information of the camp we are heading toward.

The camp ahead is only a hideout type of set up with the troops only loosely organized.

  • Cultists
  • People who want to be cultists
  • Mercenaries
  • Helpers of the mercenaries

We make it to the camp and start to approach. We noticed that the kobalds have the front camp area with the humans farther into the cavern area. We noticed there is a large tent toward the back of the camp that looks like the probable location for Furlam and possible the blue dragon, Langdedrosa, from the keep battle.


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