Tyranny of Dragons

Saving the Mill

After the heroes return through the tunnel the Governor informs them that the mill is under attack. If the mill isn’t saved there won’t be enough food for the surviving villagers to make it through the winter. He asks the adventurers to save the mill, and tells them the mill is SW of the keep. The adventurers make their way to the mill and use their stealth to get close enough to see 3 small fires burning outside of the mill. They can also see 6 kobolds and 3 cultist (2 fighters and 1 magic user). The fires don’t seem to be set to burn the mill down and the general outlook looks like the setup of an ambush. But, using the element of surprise Alea is able to take out the magic user, a cleric, quickly while the other party members take out 5 of the 6 kobolds. 1 kobold escapes around the mill and disappears, possibly into the river. The 2 fighters hide out inside the mill and force the adventurers to go after them. After a short battle the fighters are taken down and attention is directed back at the cleric. Darrak binds the cleric while Portia takes a component bag and stabilizes her. The adventurers wait for the reinforcements to get there and leave the cleric with them for interrogation. Then they all head back to the keep.


aaron_lammers ZenMilitant

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