Tyranny of Dragons

Rescuing the Villagers

Once they have all healed up Castelon shows them a secret tunnel that will take them outside the keep unseen. As they travel through the dimly lit tunnel they are attacked by a swarm of rates. These varmints prove to be quite a problem just in the sheer numbers, but eventually these rats are eliminated. At the mouth of the tunnel the adventurers can see an enemy patrol of 2 cultists and 4 kobolds walking along the river. Using the element of surprise they party gets the jump on the patrol. In order to keep the tunnel a secret the bodies of the fallen are dumped in the river. The party travels to town looking for civilians in trouble when they come across 4 villagers being chased by 3 kobolds, 2 fighter cultists, and a magic user cultist. The magic user seemed to be able to heal the other during battle, but the adventurers take down the enemy group. This battle didn’t go as quickly as previous battles, so afterwards the group escorts the villagers back to the tunnel and receive some healing.


aaron_lammers ZenMilitant

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