Tyranny of Dragons

Getting to the Keep

The group finds out that all the civilians are trying to make it to the keep in the center of the city. The adventurers decide to help get these people get to the keep. In order to keep a good pace Wolf, Tolke and Darrak each begin carrying on of the children. This works out ok, until the group runs into an ambush. This is the first battle that involved a human cultist with the kobolds. Wolf tries to talk to him, but to no avail. Portia seems to get targeted in this battle, but the adventurers eventually win the battle and continue the trek to the keep. But, before reaching the keep they run into another ambush. Unlike the previous attempt this seemed to be mostly human cultist. 3 cultists leading 4 kobolds appear from around the buildings and then another kobold appears overhead riding a wyvern. Darrak and the father were knocked out in the fight but both were revived once the battle was completed. After this point the adventurers finally got the civilians to the keep.

At the keep the adventurers meet the Governor of Greenest, Castelon the Red. He doesn’t know why this siege on his city is happening, but he asks the adventurers help find any other stranded civilians in the city and escort them back to the keep. After agreeing to help Castelon, the adventurers are given a place to rest and heal from their battles to get to the keep.


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