Tyranny of Dragons

Entering the City

As the party enters the city there are 3 kobolds and 1 drake that are pillaging a building. The adventurers step in and confront the villains. After dispatching the drake and a kobold the 2 remaining kobolds take off running. 1 is struck down before it can escape while the other slips away. The party continues through the town looking for any survivors when they find just that. In the distance there are 5 humans, and injured man, 3 children, and a woman with a broken spear and shield, running from something. Seeing the civilians in some sort of danger the group takes up arms to protect them. As they approach they notice that there are 2 groups of 4 kobolds bearing down on the civilians. The adventurers quickly dispatch of the kobolds and begin talking to the civilians.


aaron_lammers ZenMilitant

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