Tyranny of Dragons

Battle at the Church

After a short rest the adventurers head back out, this time to a church. Word made it back to the keep that civilians have barricaded themselves inside a church to try to escape the initial raid. The adventurers head off to the church and as they approach the backside of the church they noticed 6 kobolds and 2 cultists lighting a fire. It looks like these enemies are trying to smoke out the people inside the church. Using the smoke as cover the adventurers sneak up and quickly eliminate this group of enemies. As the adventurers head around the corner of the church they run into a very large army of cultist, kobolds, and drakes. Tolke climbs to the roof and starts raining javelins down on the army. While Tolke is climbing Wolf gets swarmed by the army. Darrak tries to help Wolf, but the sheer number of enemies makes it hard for either of them. Wolf takes most of the focus and is eventually knocked unconscious. Alea and Portia use their arrows and magic to deal damage from a distance, while Tolke continues to deal damage from the roof of the church. 1 kobold tries to escape and run back to the front of the church. Most of the party is a little more cautious after running into that army, but Tolke uses his height advantage to kill the kobold. Unfortunately, not before the kobold makes it back to another group at the front of the church.

As the adventurers, including Wolf, reach the front of the church they see 6 kobolds using a battering ram on the doors and a cultist like they had never seen before that is barking orders at the kobolds. Wolf and Darrak engage the kobolds in close quarters while Tolke slides off the roof and approaches the leader. Alea and Portia continue their ranged support and begin to pepper away at the kobolds and the leader. The leader proved to be a serious challenge for the adventurers after all they had already been through. The leader knocks out Tolke first and then takes down Darrak before finally being killed by Alea and Portia. With this battle won and the civilians in the church saved, the clerics in the church were able to provide some healing to the party before the group heads back to the keep.


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