Tyranny of Dragons

Back at the Keep

While the adventurers are at the keep a blue dragon-like humanoid approaches. In the distance behind this warrior we can see an army waiting for something. Also, off to the side of the keep is a group of kobalds holding 4 civilians as hostages. The dragon warrior wants to battle the keeps champion in exchange for the civilians. Tolke decides to confront the dragon warrior with Alea and Portia taking up a ranged defensive position. Darrak and Wolf sneak out of the keep and make their way to the civilians in case the exchange goes wrong. Tolke tries to take this humanoid down, but is knocked out in a couple of hits. With the fear of the dragon warrior dealing the killing blow to Tolke, Alea hits the warrior with 2 arrows while Portia fires an Eldritch Blast just wide of the target. The dragon says he is satisfied and releases the civilians. At this point the heroes are in a desperate need of a long rest.


aaron_lammers aaron_lammers

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