Tyranny of Dragons

Ambush on the Road

We followed the trail provided by the cultist we took down at the camp. As we continued Southeast we noticed the road travels between a couple of cliffs. This must be the spot the cultist mentioned as the location of the camp’s rear guard. Portia sends out her familiar to track ahead as Wolf and Portia see some movement ahead. At this point we decide to split up to take out the cultists on each side of the road. Portia and Tolke take the left side of the cliffs and Wolf, Alea, and Darrak take the right.

We tried to coordinate our assault on the cultists on both sides of the cliffs. Portia and Tolke start off the attack with Tolke throwing a javelin and Portia fires a spell into the group of cultists and drops one of them.

Alea sees Portia’s spell go off and fires 2 arrows at the cultists on her side of the cliffs taking him down. Darrak jumps into the battle knocking out another one. The last 2 cultists tries to flee and Alea and Wolf fire arrows at them but are unable to bring him down. Darrak uses Step of the Wind to catch the fleeing cultists, dropping one and hurting the other. Wolf backs Darrak up and takes down the remaining cultist before he can get away.

At this point Portia and Tolke start to get swarmed by the cultists on their slide of the cliff. Portia blasts one as he comes running at her, while Tolke slashes one in half with Divine Smite. Portia’s familiar, Gareth saves her with his stinging attack. While Tolke continues to Smite another cultist. Alea sees the trouble that Portia and Tolke are getting into and fires an arrow from across the bluff and takes out the last magic user.

With the ambush foiled we start to interrogate the cultists to find out more information of the camp we are heading toward.

The camp ahead is only a hideout type of set up with the troops only loosely organized.

  • Cultists
  • People who want to be cultists
  • Mercenaries
  • Helpers of the mercenaries

We make it to the camp and start to approach. We noticed that the kobalds have the front camp area with the humans farther into the cavern area. We noticed there is a large tent toward the back of the camp that looks like the probable location for Furlam and possible the blue dragon, Langdedrosa, from the keep battle.

Recon the Enemy Camp

Governor Nighthill comes to talk to us and wants to hire us, for 250 gp each, to find information about the raiders that attacked Greenest. Nighthill specifically asks for us to find:

  • Where is the raider’s camp?
  • How many raiders are there?
  • Why are they attacking?
  • Where and when is their next attack?

We accepted the mission from the Governor and as we heading out the keep gate Nesim Waladra stops us. Nesim is injured and tells us about Leosin Erlanthar. They had gone out to collect information on the raiders. Leosin was captured and presumed dead. Nesim shows us Leosin’s broken staff and choker. The choker is braided leather with a silver dragon totem on it. The choker looks like it had been ripped off. Portia keeps the choker as Leosin was important to her past.

We head Southeast for the marauders and following a clear path of tracks. It looks like there are humans, kobalds, and 4 legged reptiles. Many of the tracks look heavy with loot. We continue to track the marauders for about half a day as the terrain begins to change from grassland to rocky plateaus. Ahead we notice smoke and caves. As we stealthily approach the fire we find 4 cultists sitting around a cooking fire and 8 kobalds sitting a little ways away. This group looks like some stragglers that have stopped for dinner and a perfect opportunity to gather some information. We use our stealth to appraoch unseen and prepare an ambush. Portia drops a Shatter spell around the cultists that drops 1 and hurts 2 more. Darrak uses his Step of the Wind to dash into battle with the wounded cultists. Alea and Wolf take out the uninjured cultist with some arrows while Darrak incapacitates the injured cultists. Tolke goes after the kobalds with some ranged backup from Alea and Wolf killing several of them as the remaining run away. As we start to interrogate the cultists the remaining kobalds try to sneak up on us, but Wolf and Darrak were prepared and killed them easily. The information we gleaned:

  • The main camp is about 9 miles farther South
  • They are gathering the hoard for the Great Dragon Queen
  • The leader is Frulam, wearer of purple
  • There are a lot of troops gathered
  • There is a rear guard that is about 1 mile before reaching the main camp where the path passes between rocky bluffs
  • These raiders don’t know about Leosin

This provides some of the information that the Governor asked for, but we need to continue on to find out more. And Portia doesn’t want to head back until we find out what has happened to Leosin. So, we continue forward looking for the potential ambush spot.

Back at the Keep

While the adventurers are at the keep a blue dragon-like humanoid approaches. In the distance behind this warrior we can see an army waiting for something. Also, off to the side of the keep is a group of kobalds holding 4 civilians as hostages. The dragon warrior wants to battle the keeps champion in exchange for the civilians. Tolke decides to confront the dragon warrior with Alea and Portia taking up a ranged defensive position. Darrak and Wolf sneak out of the keep and make their way to the civilians in case the exchange goes wrong. Tolke tries to take this humanoid down, but is knocked out in a couple of hits. With the fear of the dragon warrior dealing the killing blow to Tolke, Alea hits the warrior with 2 arrows while Portia fires an Eldritch Blast just wide of the target. The dragon says he is satisfied and releases the civilians. At this point the heroes are in a desperate need of a long rest.

Battle at the Church

After a short rest the adventurers head back out, this time to a church. Word made it back to the keep that civilians have barricaded themselves inside a church to try to escape the initial raid. The adventurers head off to the church and as they approach the backside of the church they noticed 6 kobolds and 2 cultists lighting a fire. It looks like these enemies are trying to smoke out the people inside the church. Using the smoke as cover the adventurers sneak up and quickly eliminate this group of enemies. As the adventurers head around the corner of the church they run into a very large army of cultist, kobolds, and drakes. Tolke climbs to the roof and starts raining javelins down on the army. While Tolke is climbing Wolf gets swarmed by the army. Darrak tries to help Wolf, but the sheer number of enemies makes it hard for either of them. Wolf takes most of the focus and is eventually knocked unconscious. Alea and Portia use their arrows and magic to deal damage from a distance, while Tolke continues to deal damage from the roof of the church. 1 kobold tries to escape and run back to the front of the church. Most of the party is a little more cautious after running into that army, but Tolke uses his height advantage to kill the kobold. Unfortunately, not before the kobold makes it back to another group at the front of the church.

As the adventurers, including Wolf, reach the front of the church they see 6 kobolds using a battering ram on the doors and a cultist like they had never seen before that is barking orders at the kobolds. Wolf and Darrak engage the kobolds in close quarters while Tolke slides off the roof and approaches the leader. Alea and Portia continue their ranged support and begin to pepper away at the kobolds and the leader. The leader proved to be a serious challenge for the adventurers after all they had already been through. The leader knocks out Tolke first and then takes down Darrak before finally being killed by Alea and Portia. With this battle won and the civilians in the church saved, the clerics in the church were able to provide some healing to the party before the group heads back to the keep.

Dragon Attack

Once back at the keep a blue dragon shows up and starts attacking. Without a way to bring the dragon down to the ground it was able to freely fly in and make attacks. Wolf and Alea became frightened at the site of the dragon, but were able to get some hits in with their bow and arrows. This dragon made several large sweeping attacks on the keep killing a lot of guards. But, the adventurers were able to avoid most of the breath attacks from the dragon. Eventually the dragon flew off as quickly as it appeared. The consensus was that the dragon wasn’t interested in destroying the keep and that it seemed to just be playing with it. If that dragon wanted the keep destroyed it could have easily done that.

Saving the Mill

After the heroes return through the tunnel the Governor informs them that the mill is under attack. If the mill isn’t saved there won’t be enough food for the surviving villagers to make it through the winter. He asks the adventurers to save the mill, and tells them the mill is SW of the keep. The adventurers make their way to the mill and use their stealth to get close enough to see 3 small fires burning outside of the mill. They can also see 6 kobolds and 3 cultist (2 fighters and 1 magic user). The fires don’t seem to be set to burn the mill down and the general outlook looks like the setup of an ambush. But, using the element of surprise Alea is able to take out the magic user, a cleric, quickly while the other party members take out 5 of the 6 kobolds. 1 kobold escapes around the mill and disappears, possibly into the river. The 2 fighters hide out inside the mill and force the adventurers to go after them. After a short battle the fighters are taken down and attention is directed back at the cleric. Darrak binds the cleric while Portia takes a component bag and stabilizes her. The adventurers wait for the reinforcements to get there and leave the cleric with them for interrogation. Then they all head back to the keep.

Rescuing the Villagers

Once they have all healed up Castelon shows them a secret tunnel that will take them outside the keep unseen. As they travel through the dimly lit tunnel they are attacked by a swarm of rates. These varmints prove to be quite a problem just in the sheer numbers, but eventually these rats are eliminated. At the mouth of the tunnel the adventurers can see an enemy patrol of 2 cultists and 4 kobolds walking along the river. Using the element of surprise they party gets the jump on the patrol. In order to keep the tunnel a secret the bodies of the fallen are dumped in the river. The party travels to town looking for civilians in trouble when they come across 4 villagers being chased by 3 kobolds, 2 fighter cultists, and a magic user cultist. The magic user seemed to be able to heal the other during battle, but the adventurers take down the enemy group. This battle didn’t go as quickly as previous battles, so afterwards the group escorts the villagers back to the tunnel and receive some healing.

Getting to the Keep

The group finds out that all the civilians are trying to make it to the keep in the center of the city. The adventurers decide to help get these people get to the keep. In order to keep a good pace Wolf, Tolke and Darrak each begin carrying on of the children. This works out ok, until the group runs into an ambush. This is the first battle that involved a human cultist with the kobolds. Wolf tries to talk to him, but to no avail. Portia seems to get targeted in this battle, but the adventurers eventually win the battle and continue the trek to the keep. But, before reaching the keep they run into another ambush. Unlike the previous attempt this seemed to be mostly human cultist. 3 cultists leading 4 kobolds appear from around the buildings and then another kobold appears overhead riding a wyvern. Darrak and the father were knocked out in the fight but both were revived once the battle was completed. After this point the adventurers finally got the civilians to the keep.

At the keep the adventurers meet the Governor of Greenest, Castelon the Red. He doesn’t know why this siege on his city is happening, but he asks the adventurers help find any other stranded civilians in the city and escort them back to the keep. After agreeing to help Castelon, the adventurers are given a place to rest and heal from their battles to get to the keep.

Entering the City

As the party enters the city there are 3 kobolds and 1 drake that are pillaging a building. The adventurers step in and confront the villains. After dispatching the drake and a kobold the 2 remaining kobolds take off running. 1 is struck down before it can escape while the other slips away. The party continues through the town looking for any survivors when they find just that. In the distance there are 5 humans, and injured man, 3 children, and a woman with a broken spear and shield, running from something. Seeing the civilians in some sort of danger the group takes up arms to protect them. As they approach they notice that there are 2 groups of 4 kobolds bearing down on the civilians. The adventurers quickly dispatch of the kobolds and begin talking to the civilians.

Arriving in Greenest

The group of adventurers is headed toward the town of Greenest. Each has their own reasons for going but are left in shock as they crest the final hill before the town. As they stand atop the hill overlooking the town, they see a dragon circling over the town as smoke billows from some of the buildings. The adventurers look at each other and know that they must work together to help the villagers. As they make their way to the city proper they run into a small group of kobolds that seem to be working as guards outside the city. The group of 6 kobolds don’t take kindly to the adventurers approach and the battle is started. The adventurers’ party is new to working together, but come together quickly to dispatch the kobolds.


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